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I’m glad you found me.

Currently in my studio. Which also functions as an art therapy praxis and even (twice a week, when not lockdown-ing) as a room where Yoga takes place.

One photo is blurry.

That’s because it’s the only one of this photo-session that I liked. I often feel photos don’t represent me – there is a gap between how I feel and how I look (on photos). Still I felt today I want to introduce myself: The last days I craved a certain collar-situation: a kind of “gothic” mismatch of a white collar and a dark dress and yesterday night it struck me that I actually have such a dress – it is vintage, really old, my great-aunt wore it when she was young. It is made of silk. #womenandclothes

Sometimes I have strong colour-urges, sometimes combined with distinct shape-urges. I even once made an app for this. farbentrinken.com (But that’s another story.)

Then I found it’s enough.

It often happens that after meditating I have to change my clothes, I have to change my colours, textures and shapes. And I guess this has to do with being sensitive to energy shifts or paying attention to them, to honour them, to keep it fluid.

I changed. On the other photos I’m dressed parts in men’s clothes. (I preferred men’s clothes since I was a child.) But I adore femininity, I adore dresses, just seem to feel at home in them for a short time on end only.

Also, in this moment, I remember that from the very first day of my art therapy education I appeared (split) in multiple persons in my creations. Like in my dreams: I’m also (almost) always the camera, I appear in different shapes, genders.

Me, with my sacred coffee cup in my studio, me wearing part men’s clothes – feels very authentic at the moment, so I thought it’s a good moment to share to introduce myself 😉

Still, I wanna make a case for blurriness: I like the aesthetics of it. And…thinking about it: Also in my (especially recent) paintings there is a concurrency of being out of focus and being very detailed, focused. All to the effect (since – in my opinion – techniques are merely a means of transport, a support act) to create CLOSENESS. Whereas in my latest painting period all I was interested in was light. The information was light and the information is closeness.

What else about me today? I am all pro synchronicity, contra linearity 😉

#kreisrundesschreiben #farbentrinken #colors #traeumetreffen #dreams

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