Träume – 
verstörend, abenteuerlich, 
david-lynchesk, stärkend, merkwürdig, wunderbar…

Mittels der Untersuchungs- und Heilungswerkzeuge der Kunsttherapie, eingedenk der Traumtheorien der Tiefenpsychologie, inspiriert von den Ritualen der Schamanen, aber vor allem die Augen, die Haltung und die Ausdrucksweisen der Kunst einsetzend machen wir uns daran, die höchst individuellen Traumsprachen sichtbar werden zu lassen und so unsere Träume auf bereichernde Weise in unser Leben zu integrieren.

Alles was du brauchst ist ein Traum oder ein Traumfetzchen.

Wir, zwei Kunsttherapeutinnen (Wiener Schule für Kunsttherapie) begleiten dich dabei. Mehr zu uns hier:,

Das nächste TräumeTreffen findet statt am

Montag, den 17.2.2020 von 18-21h im Atelier Margareten, Margaretenstrasse 138, 1050 Wien.

Beitrag (inklusive Materialien): 60€, Dauer: ca. 3 Stunden, maximal 6 Teilnehmer*innen

Anmeldung (und Fragen) hier:

    Dreams, dreamlike

    Dreams, dreamlike, dreamy, diving deep, deeper, finding treasures. Emerging with a whole new perspective, a deeper insight, a charged symbol. A stronger you – or softer. A more integrated you in any ways. Lucid.

    That’s what art therapy is about in a nutshell. That’s what we strive for in our dream workshops.

    Start with what you remember – it can be a whole storyline, filmlike, david-lynchesque, or merely a feeling, sweet, nervous, mesmerized; it can be a colour, unbeknownst tastes or antipathies.

    We will guide you deeper. You will meet dream-companions, different versions of yourself, your shadow, fly, dissolve, integrate, transform, do unspeakable things, learn to speak your magical imagery, turn demons into allies.

    What it is all about: developing creative communication. Finding new perspectives. Bringing to light unconscious inner conflicts and accessing inner resources. Thus Empowerment.

    Who will benefit from it: Everyone who strives for enhancing their artistic repertoire. Everyone who is interested in harvesting their dreams as a creative resource. Everyone in search for more clarity and perspective regarding their relationships, work, life, path.

    Our methods: Creative work with imagination, sensual materials, wholesome self-awareness.

    Our materials: Various materials, paints, papers, music.

    Who we are – resident art therapists: Mag.a art. Marie-Theres Gallnbrunner, Kunsttherapeutin & Mag.a phil. Katharina Burger, Kunsttherapeutin

    February’s dream workshop takes place on

    Monday, 17th of February, from 6pm-9pm in Atelier Margareten, Margaretenstrasse 138, 1050 Wien.

    Fees (including materials): 65€, participant limit 6

    For inquiries and application please use the contact form above.

    I have dreamt in my life, dreams that have stayed with me ever after, and changed my ideas; they have gone through and through me, like wine through water, and altered the color of my mind. And this is one: I’m going to tell it – but take care not to smile at any part of it.

    ― Emily Brontë, Wuthering Heights